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About Lucknowi Chikan,
The word chikan is probably derived from the Persian word `chikin’ or `chikeen’ which means a kind of embroidered fabric. This art has its own royal significance transcending from Mughal Period to the era of Oudh Nawabs later blooming as a fashion centric form of needle craft recognised world over today. It is practiced only in Lucknow and not replicated world over. The art is G.I recognized by TRIPS which means it is authenticated for geographical regions and not replicated world wide. The multifaceted work of art, chikan boasts of its intricate. It has 32 stitches on niceties of Chikankari in various designs done majorly by women artisans. Stitches comprise of Tepchi, Bakhiya, Murri, Katai, Phanda, Jaali, Hath Kati, Pechni, Ghas Patti , Keel kangan etc . No single group of artisans master more than 4 – 5 stitches, hence it has to move to various group of artisans to complete a product . The haute couture culture of today has inspired the renowned fashion designers globally, to fuse the art of Zardozi, Kamdani, Aari with chikan dress to be cherished by highly refined aesthetic tastes . This is the only craft sold after rigorous multiple washes ruling out any shrinkage and colour bleeding.